PostBase Meter Technical Support

Error Code        Text                                                      Resolution

00130000 Teleporto Necessary You must run Teleset at least every 90 days. Load zero dollars at that time if you don’t wish to download postage.
0031000D Ink empty Replace both ink cartridges.
Connectivity error
  • Check that network cable is working and connected properly.
  • Tap Manage Connection menu. Verify that network information was entered correctly.
  • Check if a network firewall is blocking transmissions (talk with your network administrator).
000A000D Letter feed error Check the base unit for envelope or label jam: 

  1. Power off.
  2. Remove drawer and inspect for jam.

If no jam, use canned air to clean off the entire letter feed path and sensors.

0D020001 Failure in communication with data center This usually means that your account has insufficient funds. Replenish your postage account by logging into the FP customer portal.
000F0000 or 0002 Cp error not available
  1. Remove ink cartridges.
  2. Clean all contacts in each cartridge.
  3. Re-insert cartridges.

If error persist, perform a zero-dollar download and call FP to check your “piece count”.

  Main battery almost empty Check the main battery on the bottom of the base unit: 

  1. Turn off unit.
  2. Unplug from power.
  3. Remove main battery.
  4. Check that the battery is inserted correctly (“+” to “+”).
  5. Replace the battery with a 3.6V lithium battery if necessary.
Do not use standard AA (1.9V) batteries in your PostBase. Although they look the same as the PostBase battery, they may damage your machine.