The DF-777 is built on the same platform as the DF-755, adding greater speed and electronically operated automatic job setup. Like the 755, the DF-777 has six popular pre-programmed folds and a numerous custom folds to meet your various job requirements. Its higher speed and automation meet the needs of businesses and organizations with high volumes of mail in a variety of formats.


DF-777 Brochure

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Key Features:

  • Folding speed 135 sheets/minute for rapid, smooth folding operation
  • Easiest job setup via the control panel, including fine-tune adjustment controls
  • Feeder capacity 500 sheets – no fanning required
  • Handles up to ledger size (11” x 17”) paper
  • Includes six preset folds and supports numerous custom folds, including cross-folding
  • Integrated ascending and descending counters to track job progress
  • Compact tabletop size with 24” x 19” footprint
  • Accepts stapled sets
  • Quiet and virtually maintenance free


Technical Specifications:

Paper sizes 5″ x 7.2″ to 11.7″ x 17″
Paper weight 52.3-145gsm/14-38lb. (129gsm/ 34lb. cannot be cross folded)
Fold type 6 standard(single, double, accordion, half accordion, letter, gate),special cross fold(2 passes, paper thickness 14lb. to 28lb.), and custom folds
Folding speed Up to 135 sheets per minute
Stack capacity 500 sheets
Counter Ascending 4-digit, descending 3-digit
Power 12V 60Hz 0.85A
Dimensions 37″ x 19″ x 22″
Weight 79lbs.



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