MailOne 2.0


 MailOne™ 2.0 Mailing, Shipping & Accounting Software 

MailOne™ 2.0 software  is the ultimate tool to monitor, manage, track and reduce your postal expenditures.

Adding MailOne™ 2.0 to your PostBase™ mailing system allows you to enjoy huge savings on postage costs with Commercial Base Pricing and Return Receipt Electronic with Certified Mail®; plus get the most out of your PostBase™ with MailOne™ 2.0’s advance operation, accounting, reporting and tracking.

  • Operation is a breeze with a large touch screen monitor
  • Save with rate shopping by comparing postal classes
  • Take advantage of MailOne™-enabled discounts on Commercial Based Pricing (up to 25%)
  • Print IM®pb compliant barcode shipping labels and easily track all of your packages
  • Save time preparing Certified Mail®
  • Track and save $1.40 on Certified Mail® with Return Receipt Electronic
  • Manage postal expenditures by cost center
  • Print cost center usage for accounting and management from a comprehensive set of reports

Key MailOne™ 2.0 Features

  • Controls PostBase™ mailing system from a large touch screen all-in-one PC
  • 4”x6” IM®pb compliant shipping label printer option
  • Qualifies for discounted Commercial Base Price for USPS® parcels and Priority Mail®
  • Unlimited cost center/departmental accounts
  • Three-tier accounts (i.e. sub-accounting or client, attorney, matter)
  • Certified Mail® module
  • Online USPS® tracking
  • Rate shopping smart analyzer
  • Address book with import capabilities
  • Comprehensive report library for printing or exporting




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