Ultimail Technical Support

Error Code         Text                                                                              Resolution

C150 Run Teleset You must run Teleset at least every 90 days. Load zero dollars at that time if you don’t wish to download postage.
0007 General Communication Errors
  • Verify that the phone cord is properly plugged in.
  • Make sure you’re using a dedicated analog  phone line. Cannot be DSL, VOIP or any form of digital phone system.
  • Check dialing parameters in Menu to ensure number is formatted correctly, including a dialing prefix to obtain
C102 No postage loaded yet
  • Check Register by hitting the  [R] button.  If R1 is “0”, perform a teleset.
  • Check your FP Customer Account to ensure that your postage account has funds.
E133 Hood over the automatic feeder is open.  Please close hood. The automatic feeder uses its own power cord. Plug in the power cord and restart the system.