Calculating ROI on Postage Meter Investment


How do I calculate my ROI or cost justify a postage meter investment?

I believe this answer to be challenging. You need to know if you plan on sending letters, oversized envelopes, parcels, or any combination of the 3.

If you only mail letters under 1 oz. in weight, this is easier. Currently we receive a $0.04 discount on metered first-class mail. If we calculate, how many envelopes we need to mail to fulfill a $20.00 mailing, it would be 500. If you are only mailing a few checks or invoices a month then, though it pains me to say this, go to the post office and use one of their vending machines, to buy 100 forever stamps at a time and you will be good to go. (I say to use a vending machine to encourage you to avoid the clerks whenever possible. If you trust me on this, I believe this will reduce stress and add precious years to the end of your life).

If you are mailing large envelopes or packages this gets even easier in my opinion. If you are going to the post office and standing in line, then I would highly recommend a postage meter for your business. Aside from the postage savings for metered mail, you should consider your time or the time of your employees. Driving to the post office and waiting in line is very time consuming and aggravating. If you place any value on the time of an employee waiting in a line, then this is an easier decision.

President / CEO

Bill Weir

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