Service Agreement


Should I opt to get a service agreement? 

I would say yes to this question with only a few exceptions. A service agreement will cover all parts and service for as long as the agreement is in place. It is usually only a small percentage of the amount you are paying, or paid, for the equipment. An hourly rate for a service call is $200 on average. The few dollars a month will give you peace of mind and easily pay for itself if you ever encounter an issue.

The exceptions would be if you, or someone that works with you, has experience as a postage meter technician. I understand some people are very handy individuals who are good at figuring out how to fix things. But why spend your time fitting a sponge to your sealer or trying to figure out how and why that stupid label is stuck inside your machine. I would take a guess that there is little chance that servicing equipment is your core business. If you have the service agreement you make a phone call and go back to what you do that makes you money.

President / CEO

Bill Weir

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