How Much Does a Postage Meter Cost?

How Much Does a Postage Meter Cost?

Have you asked this question before? Are you frustrated that no one would tell you how much it costs for a postage meter without having you answer a series of questions first? I am going to attempt to explain this to you with as little industry jargon as possible. The challenge in answering this question is that it is not all that simple. Every postage meter manufacturer has many models. So, asking how much does a postage meter cost and expecting a number in return is like asking how much does a house cost? Or how much does a car cost? Too many variables, right? A postage meter is no different, but a lot less variations than a house or car.

There are 2 basic categories, and both have some options. To keep it simple the options are semi-automatic (or sometimes called a hand feed machine), or an automatic feed unit.

The price range on a semi-automatic model is between $20 and $100 per month. The least expensive postage meter is going to run you about $20.00 per month for a rental. For that $20.00 you usually get a 5 lb. scale and the ability to load postage directly into your machine. You will need to buy ink for the machine. This cost varies by manufacturer. Please remember to ask what the expected yield for the ink cartridge is. One manufacturer charges $110 for a cartridge that will get you about 2,000 impressions. Another charges “only” $75.00 for ink that will get you between 400-800 impressions. Also, some ink has a “time out” feature. That means that your ink is only good for a certain time frame starting with installation. Some are 3 or 4 months. Some are a year. Some, luckily, do not have this “feature’ and you get to you all the ink you paid for as long as it does not sit so long that it dries up. But we can show you here how to get the dried-up cartridges running again. More features mean a few more dollars per month. Examples of features are: Faster cycle speeds, a larger scale, and additional accounting capabilities

The range on an automatic machine starts at about $150/mo. and up ($500/mo. for the larger, faster machines). For the $150/mo. price you should expect an automatic feeder that feeds at least 45 letter per minute, a 5 lb. scale, and a few cost accounts. Again, as you add speed and larger scales, the price increases.

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