Innovolt SmartProtect Plus™ Power Line Conditioner


  • 120V / 15 AMP
  • Equipment protection against power surges and on-off-on cycles
  • Significantly reduces downtime of key electronic equipment
  • Maximizes equipment reliability, performance and lifespan
  • Proactively manages a wide variety of electronics


Innovolt SmartProtect Plus™ is the industry’s most effective way to manage power protection to your fleet. This solution offers incremental protection far beyond power supplies. We help customers of every size guard expensive and sensitive technology, while giving businesses the tools they need to predict, measure and maximize the performance of assets across the distributed enterprise. These tools drive meaningful service call reductions that allow businesses to compete and grow without increased fixed costs.

Our fleet-wide monitoring and analytics capabilities provide service managers and technicians with information to help more quickly resolve issues that happen out in the field while reducing service truck rolls with Remote Power Cycle capabilities. From our microprocessor technology to our cloud-based management software, we offer the complete solution for sophisticated electronics management.