Innovolt SmartProtect™ Power Line Conditioner


  • 120V / 15 AMP
  • Equipment protection against power surges and damaging on-off-on cycles
  • Significantly reduces downtime of key electronic equipment
  • Maximizes equipment reliability, performance and lifespan
  • Proactively manages a wide variety of electronics


Innovolt SmartProtect™ decreases the downtime associated with power disturbances by protecting electronic equipment and increasing performance visibility and control with a fleet-wide management solution. It enables companies to differentiate themselves and deliver significantly better service, productivity and equipment reliability.

Innovative capabilities include:

  • Patented core protection, most powerful solution available
  • Time and voltage based algorithms reduce nuisance trips that cause unnecessary error codes
  • Browser dashboard shows aggregated fleet power data
  • Download reports to correlate power anomalies with error codes