Complete Mailing Partners vs. Pitney Bowes and Quadient


Why should I use Complete Mailing Partners instead of Pitney Bowes or Quadient? 

Let me ask you a question. When you receive your mail, whether at home or at the office, do you ever look at the stamp? Do you look and see if it is a USPS forever stamp or a metered imprint? Do you notice if it is a printed indicia? I would assume, unless you are in the mailing industry (or a stamp collector-Do people still do that?), you do not pay attention to that. You just know the mail arrived and you either choose to open it, drop it the recycle bin, shred it, or add it to the ever-growing pile of mail you will maybe open someday.

Why do I ask that? Because they are all perfectly acceptable ways to mail your mail. So how to decide why a big manufacturer vs. a local dealer representative, comes down to what is important to you.

Is the deciding factor only the least expensive monthly rental? If that is your major criteria, then we may/may not be the least expensive. (Do people still demand the greatest service/quality at absolute cheapest price?) We currently service just under 900 meters in the DFW area. The 2 big manufacturers service thousands. If $2 to $3 more per month gets you better service, is it worth it? Would there be any value in having a person answer the phone and answer your question, or immediately have someone return your call with an answer? Would the ability to call or text your service question to a service technician be favorable to calling an 800 number and waiting your turn (“Please stay on the line. Your call is very important to us. You are the 12th person in the queue. Estimated wait time is…….”)

If you have an issue or a question you can call the office, your service technician, or your salesperson. If for some reason you have trouble contacting one of them or getting a sufficient answer, then you can call the owner of the company. The mobile number is 214-577-2914 and it is on our website if you need it.

Our marketing team insisted that I share this story. Last week a new customer texted his sales rep at 7:20 pm asking him if someone could help him figure out why his folder inserter was jamming. We contacted our service manager who called him by 7:30 pm and spent 15 minutes with him on the phone and helped him solve his problem so he could continue his project.

President / CEO

Bill Weir

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