Purchase vs. Lease


Should I purchase or lease my mailing machine? 

I have very strong opinions on this topic. First of all, as a reminder, you cannot purchase a postage meter. But you can buy the mailing machine. The device that is inside the machine is called a Postal Security Device (PSD). If you purchase the machine, but eventually terminate your service, then you must return the PSD, but you can keep the rest of the mailing machine. And it will be worthless. Here is the point I try to get across, lease or rent your postage meter or mailing machine. Technology changes too fast. I understand that some businesses prefer to always purchase equipment. But in this case, you will be stuck with equipment that has no value and most places end up sticking in a corner or on a shelf for years because they paid for it and they own it, and they do not want to drop it in the dumpster. Then years later they end up finally throwing it away and they are still mad. Purchase address printers, folders, folder inserters, shredders, etc. if you do not like monthly payments.


President / CEO

Bill Weir

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