Postage Meter Discounts

Do I receive discounts for using a postage meter? 

Yes! As of January 24, 2021, you receive about an 8% discount currently on first class mail. A $0.55 cent stamp only costs $0.51 through a postage meter. Also, the scale will weigh your outgoing mail, so you know if it is heavier than 1 oz. The additional ounce will cost you another $0.20. How many of us, if we are not sure how heavy an envelope is in our hand, will just throw another stamp on the envelope. Can you tell the difference between .9 oz. and 1.1 oz. without a scale? I know I could only guess.  If you are mailing a piece that is .9 oz. and you decide to add an extra stamp to be sure it does not get returned, then you are spending a $1.10 (no meter=guesswork) instead of the $0.51 it would cost you with a meter. If you were correct that it was over an oz. you still paid $1.10 instead of $0.71.  If this is happening 3-4 times a year, then that is probably not a big deal. If this is a common occurrence, then a postage meter would be a wise investment.

President / CEO

Bill Weir

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